Food Suction Hose

Specialfood 10 is mandrel built food hose suitable for delivery of milk, dairy products, fruit juices, alcoholic drinks with low alcoholic content, oily and fatty foodstuffs. Working pressure for this hose is 10 bar.


Specialfood Hose 10 Bar are food delivery hoses especially suitable for the secure and clean delivery of foodstuffs in various food industries. The specific engineering design according to the following characteristics, made the food delivery hose Specialfood 10 to fulfill a variety of industry requirements.



Synthetic white rubber, smooth, mirror-like, odorless and taste-free.


High tensile textile plies separated from rubber layers.


Blue, smooth rubber, resistant to vegetable fats, abrasion, ozone and weather conditions; Fabric impression.

Food Delivery Hoses Application

The hose is mainly suitable for the delivery of foodstuffs such as:

    1. Milk and dairy products.
    2. Alcoholic drinks with low alcoholic content.
    3. Fruit juices.
    4. Oily and fatty foodstuffs.

General Information

Food Hoses are a crucial primary requirement in food industries where food safety is on top priority. And food hoses particularly play a critical role in the food processing applications. To preserve food quality as well as to avoid food contamination, hoses must use highly qualified material that meets certain criteria and does not come into contact with the foodstuffs.

Our Food Hoses are designed to transport a large variety of foodstuffs providing a secure also, clean suction and delivery of foodstuffs within industry equipment. Furthermore hoses are from high-quality material without imparting odor or taste. Also protecting foods from any external probable contamination.  All hoses are compliant with FDA standards. They are at your disposal with a variety of pressures, sizes, and temperatures. Based on hoses qualified material, cover, and reinforcement they are all flexible, strong, highly durable, and capable of working with high, and low pressure & heat. They are resistant to abrasion as well as to chemical substances, and kink. Moreover, all hoses are resistant to environmental conditions, so they can function through extreme environmental situations.

With material as simple as water or as dangerous as chemicals, with pressures high and low or flow rates fast or slow- Itaflex Hoses always has you covered. We offer a complete range of high-quality industrial hoses such as  Air Hoses , Industrial Water Hoses, Food and Beverage Hoses, Chemical Hoses, Welding Hoses, Bulk Material Handling, and Steam Hoses. Available with a wide variety of materials, sizes, working pressures, as well as temperatures to suit your specific application. For inquiries  visit our website.

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