Air Steel Hose

 Air Steel Hose is high pressure air hose for mining machines. High margin of safety. Suitable for long and trouble-free service under the most arduous working conditions. Working pressure for this hose is 40 Bar.


Air Steel is a high pressure air hose with working pressure up to 40 bar is especially ideal for the mining machines in the mining industries. The specific engineering design according to the following characteristics makes the Air Steel hose to fulfill a variety of industry requirements



Black natural and synthetic rubber tube


High tensile steel wire reinforcement


Yellow natural and synthetic rubber cover – abrasion – heat and weather resistant


Don’t use hoses that are non-oil resistant rubber in an oil environment. The non-conductive hoses have an electrical resistance of megohm per inch when subjected to 1000 volts DC. Also air hoses with a helical wire will reduce the working pressure of the assembly.


Do not use non-oil resistant hoses in an oil environment. Furthermore non-conductive hoses should be used in high voltage areas.

Air Steel High Pressure Air Hose Application :

  1. mining machines

General Description

Industrial air hoses are crucial primary requirements of various industries such as mining, quarries, agriculture, and construction. Our Air Hoses including both hydraulic and pneumatic applications convey and distribute air and water to the different components of industrial equipment. Based on hoses qualified materials, covers, and reinforcements they are all flexible, strong, highly durable, capable of working with high and low pressure and heat. They are resistant to abrasion as well as chemical substances and kink. Furthermore, all pipes are resistant to environmental conditions so they can function through extreme environmental situations.

With material as simple as water or as dangerous as chemicals, with pressures high and low or flow rates fast or slow- Itaflex Hoses always has you covered. We offer a complete range of high-quality industrial hoses such as  Air Hoses , Industrial Water Hoses, Food and Beverage Hoses, Chemical Hoses, Welding Hoses, Bulk Material Handling, and Steam Hoses. Available with a wide variety of materials, sizes, working pressures, and temperatures to suit your specific application. For inquiries  visit our website.

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